Your car's brakes are the single most important safety factor when it comes to Island Tyres. There are a number of ways in which you can tell when your car’s brakes need servicing or replacing. In the information provided here, Island Tyres will break it down for you.

Brakes can be costly if they are not looked after with regular checks. Damaged or worn pads can lead to caliper and/or discs needing replacement.

Here are just a few signs that your cars brakes need attention

  • Brake warning light comes on
  • Your car makes screaming, screeching noises when braking
  • Foot brake becomes soft or spongy
  • The car takes longer to pull up to a stop
  • Smoke or excessive heat coming from your brakes when stopped

Brakes at Island Tyres in West Hobart

Whether you need your brake pads changed, or a monster brake kit supplied and fitted to stop you when you need, Island Tyres are here to help and supply you with only safe quality products and professional service.