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Are you after something unique and different? We offer custom wheel packages with three of the biggest brands in the wheel industry! HRE, DPE and 2212 Custom wheels are leaders in performance alloy wheels and are backed by the biggest car manufactures in the world like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Superior precision and cutting-edge technologies goes into each and every wheel!

HRE, DPE and 1221 have strong reputations for producing some of the finest alloy wheels on the market today, it only makes sense to ensure your next wheel purchase is the perfect fit for your performance or classic ride. If a particular wheel brand or style is not listed in our wheel selector, rest assured we can make arrangements with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Contact us today at Island Tyres to speak with one of our experts about your next set of custom wheels. You won't be disappointed!

HRE Custom Wheel Island Tyres

HRE Performance Wheels

Made in the USA from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum HRE. HRE create the world's finest custom forged 1-piece, forged 3-piece and cast flow formed wheels for high performance sports and luxury vehicles.

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DPE Custom Wheel Island Tyres

DPE Performance Wheels

Dynamic Performance Engineering (DPE), based in Orange County, California prides itself in manufacturing custom wheels since 2003. With years of experience and knowledge gained in the aftermarket community, DPE has fused performance, functionality, and design to provide serious auto enthusiasts with the utmost quality in custom wheels.

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1221 Performance Wheels

The world's first Proprietary Alloy forged wheels. 1221 Wheels utilizes APP proprietary chemistry, 60 series alloy, in the production of its road-wheels. This alloy is exclusive to APP and is approximately 20% stronger than the traditional 6061-T6 aluminum. The additional strength of the material allows 1221 Wheels to create lighter designs, using less material than traditional construction, while adding superior performance characteristics.

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BBS Forged Custom Wheels

BBS offers a range of technology ladened wheels for your car. Forging generates the highest degree of material density and weight reduction for top performance from BBS’s high strength and durable aluminium or magnesium alloys.

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