Tyre Load & Speed Rating

Tyre Load Index and Speed Rating information

The Load Index is an assigned number ranging from 0 to 279 that corresponds with the maximum load carrying capacity of a tyre. Most passenger car tyre load indexes range from 62 to 126.

The Speed Index is an assigned letter ranging from J to Z that corresponds to the reference maximum speed at the associated load index.

These two elements put together are called the Service Description and are mutually dependent (one takes into account the other).

The table below gives the load index and the speed symbol with their corresponding values

So then, in relation to the above table, the sidewall code "P215/65 R 16 95 H" means the tyre is rated to 690kg of load (each tyre) up to a maximum speed of 210klm/h.

Drivers should be aware that these ratings exist to protect the public from the possible outcome of overloading a tyre. You should also bear in mind that these load ratings apply to a properly inflated tyre (see "Tyres - Inflation").

Overloading a tyre - either by carrying more weight than it is designed to carry, or by running at a lower than specified pressure, can cause heat build up than can destroy the tyre. Even at low speeds a blow-out can be fatal.