Suspension & Lift Kits

Your vehicles suspension is critical in keeping you safe on our roads. From making your ride smooth even on the bumpiest of roads to making sure all 4 wheels stay in contact with the road you are driving on.

Your cars suspension is very complex and has many moving and working parts that all need regular checks in order to be working correctly. Components such as shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes work hand in hand.

When your suspension is not working correctly it can cause a lot of damage and put the lives of yourself and passengers at risk. Here are 5 warning signs you can easily check the next time you drive.

  • Your car no longer handles corners
  • Unusual tread wear on your tyres
  • Noise coming from your tyre area
  • Moisture or heat coming from the wheel arch
  • Check the condition of the suspension bush's easily from under your car

Suspension at Island Tyres in West Hobart

If you have any concerns regarding your suspension, please come in and see one of our experienced staff at Island Tyres today. It will save you time and money in the long run.