Wheel Alignment

Why do we need a wheel alignment? Simple really, to save us on unnecessary tyre wear and in the long run, money. If you have ever hit a curb or driven through a pot hole, chances are you have thrown your steering out of alignment. This usually results in unusual tread wear on your new set of tyres.

To complete a thorough wheel alignment there are 3 major adjustments that need to be made. The Caster, Camber and Toe angles. Other Wheel Alignment measurements that help with precision steering are:

  • The Steering Axis Inclination, (SAI)
  • The Included Angle
  • The Scrub Radius
  • The Riding Height
  • The Set Back
  • The Thrust Angle
  • The Alignment Ranges
  • The Steering Centre
  • Toe out on Turns
  • Wheel Offset
Alignment at Island Tyres in West Hobart