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Continental Tyres

ContiSportContact 3

A crucial requirement of tyres fitted on high performance vehicles is responsive and agile steering precision. The asymmetric tread ribs on the ContiSportContact® 3 are designed to absorb these forces thereby providing absolute confidence and trust.

Key Features

  • Absolute confidence and excellent safety when driving on the edge
  • Shorter stopping distances on dry and wet roads
  • Excellent protection against aquaplaning

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/45R17 84W84W616
245/40R18 97Y97Y653
245/45R18 96Y96Y678
255/55R18 109Y109Y738
265/35R18 97Y97Y643
245/45R19 98W98W703
275/40R19 101W101W703
265/40R20 104Y104Y720

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