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The Crugen HP71 grants a top-tier luxurious feel with a quiet ride. The level of safety, performance, and longevity makes the Crugen HP71 an ideal match for today’s SUVs. With Kumho’s state of the art technology, no matter the season or the weather, you will feel confident on the road.

Key Features

  • 3-D locking sipes, with improved shoulder stiffness help improve stability and traction in inclement weather whilst also prolonging the life of the tyre
  • Wide circumferential grooves and micro-serration intread blocks help to evacuate water, improve wet weather traction, and prevent hydroplaning
  • A strong centre rib and improved should blocks help to provide a more evenly worn and longer lasting tyre while also providing quick handling and performance

Performance Category: High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
255/60R15 102V102V687
275/60R15 107V107V711
295/50R15 108H108H676
215/70R16 100H100H707
215/70R16 100H 100H100H707
225/70R16 103H103H721
235/70R16 109H109H735
235/60R16 100V100V688
255/65R16 109V109V738
225/60R17 99V 99V99V702
225/65R17 102V 102V102V724
225/65R17 102V102V724
225/60R17 99V 99V99V702
225/60R17 99V99V702
235/65R17 104V 104V104V737
235/60R17 102V 102V102V714
235/65R17 104V104V737
235/65R17 104H 104H104H737
235/55R17 103V103V690
235/60R17 102V102V714
265/65R17 112H112H776
225/55R18 98H 98H98H705
225/55R18 98V 98V98V705
225/60R18 104V 104V104V727
225/60R18 104V104V727
225/55R18 98V98V705
235/55R18 104V 104V104V716
235/60R18 103H 103H103H739
235/55R18 104V104V716
235/65R18 XL 110V 110V110V763
235/60R18 XL 107V 107V107V739
235/65R18 110V110V763
235/60R18 107V107V739
245/60R18 105V 105V105V751
245/60R18 105V105V751
255/60R18 108V108V763
255/55R18 109V109V738
255/55R18 109V 109V109V738
265/60R18 110H 110H110H775
265/60R18 110V110V775
265/60R18 110V 110V110V775
225/55R19 99V 99V99V730
225/55R19 99V99V730
235/45R19 95H 95H95H694
235/50R19 XL 103V 103V103V718
235/55R19 101V101V741
235/50R19 99H99H718
235/45R19 95H95H694
235/50R19 103V103V718
245/45R19 98H98H703
245/55R19 103H103H752
245/55R19 XL 107H 107H107H483
245/45R19 98H 98H98H703
245/50R19 105V105V728
255/55R19 111V111V763
255/60R19 XL 113V 113V113V789
255/55R19 XL 111V 111V111V763
255/50R19 107V107V738
265/55R19 109V 109V109V774
265/55R19 113H 113H113H774
265/50R19 110V110V748
275/55R19 111H111H785
235/55R20 102H 102H102H767
235/55R20 102H102H767
245/45R20 103V103V729
245/50R20 102V 102V102V753
245/50R20 102V102V753
255/45R20 105V 105V105V738
255/50R20 109V109V763
255/55R20 110H110H789
255/45R20 XL 105V 105V105V738
255/50R20 XL 109V 109V109V763
265/50R20 XL 111V 111V111V773
265/50R20 111V111V773
265/45R20 108W108W747
275/40R20 106W106W728
275/45R20 110V 110V110V756
275/40R20 XL 106W 106W106W728
275/50R20 109H109H783
285/50R20 116V116V793
295/40R21 111W111W769
265/40R22 106W 106W106W771
265/35R22 102W102W744
285/45R22 XL 114H 114H114H815

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