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CRUGEN is the all-new premium SUV offering high quality comfort and optimum steering stability in on-road conditions High class premium all season touring tyre for luxury SUV’s

Key Features

  • Improved traction performance - Semi-knurling (inner Block) and 3D block results in dry & wet traction improvement
  • Low noise and premium comfort performance - Optimum tread pitch design will reduce road harmonics and provide better comfort performance
  • Wet performance - 4 channel main groove applied, to improve hydroplaning performance

Performance Category: Performance SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
235/70R17 107H 107H107H761
235/65R17 104H 104H104H737
225/55R18 98H 98H98H705
225/55R19 99V 99V99V730
235/55R19 101H 101H101H741
245/45R19 98H 98H98H703
255/50R20 105H 105H105H763

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  • Tyre Name CRUGEN KL33
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