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Kumho Tyres Tyres


The award winning new Ecsta HS52 pattern has been designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and performance, offering drivers of premium sedans and sports vehicles a comfortable ride along with high levels of safety through high grip and braking performance.

Key Features

  • Asymmetric tread design provides the highly balanced handling performance on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Wide tread grooves give high levels of aquaplaning resistance through optimises water drainage
  • A unique blend of high grip resins combined with highly dispersible silica and multi-functionalised polymers combine to provide high levels of wet and dry performance along with increased mileage over its predecessor
  • Optimal pitch arrangement of tread blocks gives increased levels of comfort whilst lowering sound emissions

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
195/50R15 82V82V576
195/55R15 85V85V596
205/60R15 91V91V627
205/65R15 94H94H648
195/45R16 84V84V582
195/50R16 88V88V601
195/55R16 87W 87W87W621
205/50R16 87W87W611
215/55R16 97W97W643
225/60R16 98W98W676
225/55R16 99W99W654
235/60R16 XL 104V 104V104V688
205/50R17 93W 93W93W637
215/55R17 98W98W668
215/65R17 99V99V711
215/50R17 95W95W647
215/45R17 91W91W625
215/60R17 100V100V690
225/55R17 101W101W679
235/55R17 103W103W690

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