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Kumho Tyres Tyres


Fuel-saving tyres of the new generation. The ecowing has all the economy and eco-friendly characteristics of the KH30 with greatly improved handling

Key Features

  • The ecowing KH27 recorded greater levels of rolling resistance and 5.1% better fuel economy than the equivalent conventional tyres

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
175/70R13 82H82H575
165/65R14 79T79T570
165/60R14 75H75H554
175/65R14 86T86T583
175/60R14 79H79H566
175/70R14 84T84T601
175/65R14 86T86T583
185/60R14 82H82H578
185/55R14 80H80H559
185/70R14 88H88H615
185/65R14 86H86H596
185/60R14 82H82H578
195/70R14 91H91H629
195/65R14 89H89H609
165/65R15 81H81H596
175/65R15 84H84H609
175/50R15 75H75H556
175/50R15 75H75H556
175/50R15 75H75H556
175/60R15 81H81H591
185/65R15 88H88H622
185/55R15 86V86V585
185/65R15 88H88H622
185/65R15 88H88H622
195/60R15 88H88H615
195/65R15 91V91V635
195/55R15 85V85V596
195/60R15 88V88V615
195/65R15 95H95H635
205/60R15 91V91V627
205/70R15 96T96T668
205/65R15 94H94H648
205/65R15 94H94H648
215/60R15 94V94V639
215/65R15 100V100V661
195/60R16 89V89V640
195/50R16 84H84H601
195/55R16 87H87H621
205/60R16 92H92H652
205/65R16 95W95W673
205/55R16 91H91H632
215/65R16 98H98H686
215/60R16 95V95V664
225/70R16 103H103H721
225/60R16 98V98V676
235/60R16 100H100H688
215/45R17 87V87V625

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