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Mastercraft Tyres


The Mastercraft Courser AXT is a true all-terrain tyre that delivers progressive 5-rib tread design, off-road capabilities, confident highway control and wear, and balanced all-weather performance.

Key Features

  • Aggressive Off-Road Performance - Designed to tackle tough conditions, alternating shoulder scallops provide superior handling and traction to increase off-road traction of the tyre.
  • Enhanced Stone Drilling Protection - Stone ejector ribs and ramped tread edges help reduce stone retention by dislodging rocks and releasing stones to prevent tyre damage.
  • Increased Traction - Wide, zig-zag shaped circumferential grooves provide traction and grip in softer surfaces like sand and dirt.

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
235/75R15 109T109T734
215/70R16 100T100T707
225/70R16 103T103T721
235/70R16 106T106T735
245/70R16 111T111T749
255/70R16 111T111T763
265/70R16 112T112T777
235/65R17 104T104T737
265/70R17 115T115T803
265/65R17 112T112T776
265/60R18 110T110T775

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